Fintechs Canada welcomes its newest member, MoneyClip

Fintechs Canada is thrilled to announce that MoneyClip has joined the association.

“MoneyClip’s goal is to reduce the pain points consumers feel with everyday finances and also reduce fees for business, letting businesses get paid instantly using either fiat or cryptocurrency,” said Alex Vronces, executive director of Fintechs Canada. “At Fintechs Canada, we push for a more competitive and innovative payments ecosystem to lower cost, increase speeds, and maximize choice.”

Canada’s Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance, Randy Boissonnault, was recently given a mandate to make progress on open banking and payments modernization. With the new federal payments regulation and a real-time payment system already on the way, Canada is already on the way.

“Fintechs Canada has created a strong and growing ecosystem built on a mission and goals that strongly resonate with MoneyClip’s values,” said Chanan Steinhart, founder and CEO of MoneyClip. “MoneyClip aims to provide consumers the best possible experience and we are grateful to be a member as we both seek to offer greater choice, improve critical infrastructure and broaden access to Canadians.”

About MoneyClip

MoneyClip is Wellfield Technology’s application layer brand. Wellfield is focused on unlocking the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) by building open and accessible decentralized protocols and also blockchain based consumer products. MoneyClip is unique among payment solutions. We’ve built mobile and web applications that leverage the advantages of blockchain & gives retail businesses a way to accept fast, secure & low cost Canadian Dollar and Cryptocurrency payments. Our low transaction fees and no minimums, make low-ticket/low margin transactions financially compelling

About Fintechs Canada

Established in May 2019 as a not-for-profit member association, Fintechs Canada is the harmonized voice for technology companies that hold and move money operating in Canada. Our membership is growing and diverse, inclusive of consumer-facing financial technology companies, business-to-business payment processors, payment network operators, and financial institutions, among others.

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