Paytechs of Canada welcomes Interchange Financial as its newest member

Paytechs of Canada is thrilled to announce that Interchange Financial has joined the association.

“As one of Canada’s currency exchange specialists, companies like Interchange Financial have been keeping the wheels of international commerce turning,” said Laurence Cooke, the chairperson of Paytechs of Canada’s board. “With cross-border payments getting more attention in the Canadian market, Interchange Financial’s experience in the Canadian market will add to the association’s perspective on how to support the industry moving forward.”

Interchange Financial joins the association at a good time, as Paytechs of Canada continues the push for modernized financial sector regulation, and the Financial Stability Board continues its push to enhance cross-border payments.

“We are excited about joining Paytechs of Canada. Interchange Financial has experienced tremendous growth over the last several quarters as we have digitally transformed our business in order to deliver our suite of innovative cross-currency services more efficiently,” said Soheil Karkhanechi, CEO of Interchange Financial. “We now find ourselves squarely in the middle of the Canadian paytech ecosystem and are eager to have our voice added to the conversation about the best way forward for the industry.”

Established in May 2019 as a not-for-profit member association, Paytechs of Canada is the harmonized voice for technology companies that hold and move money operating in Canada. 

Our membership is growing and diverse, inclusive of consumer-facing financial technology companies, business-to-business payment processors, payment network operators, and financial institutions, among others.

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