Paytechs of Canada welcomes EQ Bank as its newest member

Paytechs of Canada is thrilled to announce that EQ Bank has joined the association.

“EQ Bank has shown that you don’t have to be a fintech to get behind policy priorities that make Canadian consumers and businesses better off,” said Laurence Cooke, chairperson of the board of Paytechs of Canada. “Canada is full of forward-thinking banks, and so we’re proud to welcome one of Canada’s best to our ranks.”

The association continues to grow as the government and industry continue their respective work on open banking and payments modernization.

“EQ Bank is excited to be joining Paytechs of Canada,” said Kartik Kamat, senior director of digital banking strategy and payments. “In coming together with other Canadian banks, fintechs and paytechs through this organization, we can collectively advocate for positive change in the payments ecosystem.”

“Challenging the current status of payments in Canada goes hand in hand with our interest in collaborating with other association members on integrating their Canadian growth strategies through our prepaid card and real-time payments infrastructure,” added Kamat. 

About EQ Bank

Committed to finding better, smarter ways of doing things, EQ Bank strives to transform the way banking has always been done. EQ Bank is a trademark of Equitable Bank, which manages more than 37 billion in assets and has grown to become the country’s ninth largest independent Schedule I bank, serving more than a quarter million Canadians. EQ Bank has more than $6 billion in deposits and is committed to bringing smarter banking solutions to Canadians.

About Paytechs of Canada

Established in May 2019 as a not-for-profit member association, Paytechs of Canada is the harmonized voice for technology companies that hold and move money operating in Canada. Our membership is growing and diverse, inclusive of consumer-facing financial technology companies, business-to-business payment processors, payment network operators, and financial institutions, among others.

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