Paytechs of Canada welcomes Central 1 as its newest member

Paytechs of Canada is thrilled to announce that Central 1 has joined the association.

“The backbone of the credit union systems in Ontario and British Columbia, Central 1 powers the services millions of Canadians benefit from on a daily basis,” said Laurence Cooke, chairperson of the board of Paytechs of Canada. “With its long and rich history in Canada’s cooperative sector, Central 1 will greatly assist the association as it works to modernize financial sector policy in Canada.”

The association continues to grow as the government and industry continue their respective work on open banking and payments modernization.

“Central 1 is the go-to partner for fintechs and paytechs that want to connect with financial institutions across Canada,” said Arvind Sharma, Central 1’s Chief Payments and Digital Officer. “We are looking forward to working with the members of Pay Techs of Canada to bring their innovations to market.”

About Central 1

Central 1 is a top choice for financial, digital banking, and payment products and services from across Canada. Having earned the trust of more than 300 financial institutions, Central 1 supports the financial services of more than 3.4 million Canadians.

Central 1 manages the liquidity of the BC and Ontario credit union systems, providing them with a variety of funding programs and investment products. This combined with a commitment to responsible investment practices ensures Central 1 fuels a strong, stable, and sustainable credit union system for the long term.

About Paytechs of Canada

Established in May 2019 as a not-for-profit member association, Paytechs of Canada is the harmonized voice for technology companies that hold and move money operating in Canada. Our membership is growing and diverse, inclusive of consumer-facing financial technology companies, business-to-business payment processors, payment network operators, and financial institutions, among others.

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