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Paytechs of Canada welcomes Peloton Technologies as new member

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“With an aligned mission to foster innovation and promote change within the payments industry, joining Paytechs of Canada is a logical step,” said Craig Attiwill, co-founder and CEO at Peloton Technologies. “We’re excited to amplify our voice alongside other like-minded companies.”

Paytechs of Canada welcomes EQ Bank as its newest member

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“EQ Bank is excited to be joining Paytechs of Canada,” said Kartik Kamat, senior director of digital banking strategy and payments. “In coming together with other Canadian banks, fintechs and paytechs through this organization, we can collectively advocate for positive change in the payments ecosystem.”

Is the fintech policy agenda overrated or underrated? It depends on who’s asking

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By some measures, the fintech policy agenda is overrated. It’s stuck in the late 2000s, for example, still struggling to modernize payment systems and data-sharing in the financial sector. Though Canada must finish the job, the risk is that by the time we do we’ll have another set of problems we haven’t even begun to deeply think about.

Paytechs of Canada welcomes Central 1 as its newest member

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“Central 1 is the go-to partner for fintechs and paytechs that want to connect with financial institutions across Canada,” said Arvind Sharma, Central 1’s Chief Payments and Digital Officer. “We are looking forward to working with the members of Pay Techs of Canada to bring their innovations to market.”

What the federal election means for the fintech agenda

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In 2009, Paul Wells wrote that “Canadian politics will tend toward the least exciting possible outcome.” If change is exciting, then the lack thereof is boring. And the upshot of election 2021 is more of the same. The same goes for what election 2021 means for the fintech agenda. If Wells’ rule applies to the fintech policy agenda as well as it does to election 2021, then fintechs aren’t going to have it easy. Maybe fintech advocates should take a page from Wells’ book and make their agenda a little more boring, rather than exciting.

Paytechs of Canada welcomes Zum Rails as newest member

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“Zum’s payment gateway has it all, allowing businesses to pick the payment that’s affordable, secure, and fast,” said Laurence Cooke, chairperson of the board of Paytechs of Canada. “The safe and seamless movement of money is what keeps our economy going and growing, and so we’re excited to add Zum’s expertise to our collective voice.”