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Part 1: PayTechs of Canada Interview of Competition Commissioner, Matthew Boswell

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In late 2020, I had the opportunity to engage Canada’s Commissioner of Competition, Matthew Boswell in discussion to gain his perspective about the evolution of Canada’s payments system, and the importance of promoting a competitive marketplace for the benefit of Canadians and the Canadian economy. The second part of this two-part interview will be released next week, January 28, 2021.

2021: Out with the old, in with the new, or more of the same?

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Clearly 2020 has been a tumultuous year for consumers, businesses, and the overall economy. Unfortunately, there have been many business casualties linked directly to the Covid-19 epidemic which translate into further issues and challenges for the average Canadian.

PayTechs of Canada welcomes Interac as its newest member

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December 8, 2020: PayTechs of Canada, Canada’s only national association dedicated to the enhancement of  Canada’s payments system and the opportunities for PayTech/Payment Service Providers in Canada is pleased to announce the addition of Interac as the newest general member to the PayTechs of Canada Association.

RPOF Part 2: The other side of the coin

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In part 1 of this series discussing Canada’s proposed Retail Payments Oversight Framework (RPOF), PayTechs of Canada Executive Director, Doug Kreviazuk, outlined the need for this legislation and its potential to guide Canada into an era of payments modernization. In part 2, PayTechs of Canada Board Chair, Laurence Cooke, looks to provide insight into the concerns surrounding and potential shortcomings of the proposed RPOF legislation.

RPOF Part I: The cornerstone of evolution for the payments system

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“In mid-2017, the Department of Finance released a new Retail Payments Oversight Framework (RPOF) in response to mounting pressure to modernize retail payments regulations and the rapid emergence of new, unregulated participants in the broader payments ecosystem. The RPOF was designed to better safeguard the payments system from new risks and enhance the system’s transparency. Under the direct oversight authority of the Bank of Canada, most Payments Service Providers (“PSPs”), historically viewed as either unregulated or under-regulated, would be included under this new regulatory umbrella.”

Leadership in Canada’s payments system

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By Doug Kreviazuk, Executive Director, PayTechs of Canada: For more than two decades, national payments systems around the world have been transforming: transforming their infrastructure and scope of activities.  Numerous countries have used payments modernizations to drive greater efficiencies and, in return, create opportunities for their economies to grow and allow businesses and consumers to reap greater benefit.