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Canada’s payments lag behind​

The Canadian payments services marketplace has been slow to introduce innovative products and services seen on the global stage. A lack of competition has allowed inefficiencies to creep into the market due to aging or outdated technologies, processes, or policies.

Our goals

In the interest of our members, Canadian consumers, businesses, and government, we are a not-for-profit association working to improve Canada’s national payments system. We have three primary strategic goals:

Offer greater choice

Have an Open Banking framework implemented in Canada.

Improve critical infrastructure

Have a modern payment system deployed, such as a Real-Time Rail.

Broaden payment access

Have PayTech firms directly participate in the payment system.

Member benefits

As a member, you have the opportunity to challenge roadblocks facing PayTech firms and drive change that will provide your business with unparalleled opportunities. You will be informed of industry updates impacting your business and receive exclusive access to information through our members-only portal.


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What our members have to say

“High entry barriers have contributed to a lack of competition in Canada. Being a member of PayTechs of Canada means that, together, we can drive positive change in the payments system and help Canada compete on a global scale.”

Harinder Takhar,
Paytm Labs

“Payments must be regulated to remain efficient. Outdated and unnecessary regulations hinder innovation and payments system performance, but change is difficult. The PayTechs of Canada association has the expertise and breadth of experience to promote safe, innovative, and lower-cost payment services.”

Justin Ferrabee,

“If we are going to make any material progress in support of Open Banking and the Real-time Rail in Canada, the PayTech industry needs a strong advocate that is independent from the incumbent legacy banks. That voice is PayTechs of Canada.”

Marcus Dagenais,

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Real-Time Rail Policy Framework

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PayTechs of Canada has formally responded, highlighting the urgent need to expand access to the payments system in order to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and introduce innovation.  Further delays will hinder Payments Canada from fulfilling on their legislated mandate.

Ready for take-off: Mobile payments in a post-COVID Canada

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By Everlink Payments Services & PayTechs of Canada Member, October 2020: The year 2020 will go down as a year to remember, but not necessarily for the good things. The measures put in place to control the COVID-19 pandemic have wreaked havoc on the economy and have had a major impact on the confidence, income, and expenditure of Canadians.

Access delayed is access denied

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Have you ever wondered how our payments system could be improved to service our individual lives better? Wonder no more, and simply look at the new emerging payment-related services available across Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Whether seeking financial advice, budget services or integrated inventory controls, the options abound.