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Canada’s payments lag behind​

The Canadian payments services marketplace has been slow to introduce innovative products and services seen on the global stage. A lack of competition has allowed inefficiencies to creep into the market due to aging or outdated technologies, processes, or policies.

Our goals

In the interest of our members, Canadian consumers, businesses, and government, we are a not-for-profit association working to improve Canada’s national payments system. We have three primary strategic goals:

Offer greater choice

Have an Open Banking framework implemented in Canada.

Improve critical infrastructure

Have a modern payment system deployed, such as a Real-Time Rail.

Broaden payment access

Have PayTech firms directly participate in the payment system.

Member benefits

As a member, you have the opportunity to challenge roadblocks facing PayTech firms and drive change that will provide your business with unparalleled opportunities. You will be informed of industry updates impacting your business and receive exclusive access to information through our members-only portal.


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What our members have to say

Flinks is excited to join Paytechs of Canada and be a part of their mission to increase competition in Canada’s payments sector. Canadian consumers stand to benefit from reduced transaction costs, and we believe Paytechs of Canada is a formidable agent of change to help our country get there

Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf,

“Payments must be regulated to remain efficient. Outdated and unnecessary regulations hinder innovation and payments system performance, but change is difficult. The PayTechs of Canada association has the expertise and breadth of experience to promote safe, innovative, and lower-cost payment services.”

Justin Ferrabee,

Zum Rails has joined the Paytechs of Canada because we believe payments in Canada are at a crossroads, and we want a seat at the table to ensure the future of domestic payments stays focused and on track. We believe that there is limitless potential for Canadian Paytechs with even the slightest improvement on the existing payments rails, but it has remained relatively unchanged for decades.

Marc Milewski,
Co-Founder and CEO,
Zum Rails

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New research sees opportunity to increase competition in banking

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Commissioned by Paytechs of Canada, and authored by Vass Bednar, Keldon Bester, Bryce Edwards, and Debbie Liang, the research assessed the level of competition in Canada’s banking sector by reviewing the domestic and international literature on competition and banking, publicly available data, and discussions about financial sector policy. Stakeholders were also interviewed to inform the authors’ review of the available information.

Paytechs welcomes SAVVII as newest member

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“We are so pleased to partner with Paytechs of Canada, an organization who shares in our deep commitment to bringing simplified, streamlined financial solutions to Canadians,” says Marcius Bansavatar, CEO, SAVVII Group Inc.

Paytechs of Canada welcomes Paysend as its newest member

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“Canada is among the most immigrant-reliant advanced economies, attracting people from all around the world. As a result, there is a growing need for better, safer money transfer solutions for those who need to send money to their family, friends and loved ones,” said Timur Shomansurov, Country Manager of Paysend in Canada. “Joining Paytechs of Canada will help contribute to our mission of helping Canadians connect globally and providing cost-effective money transfer services that are convenient and accessible.”